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PureVolume was a website that aimed to help you get the best deals. It had an easy-to-use interface and offered a wealth of information about many of the different products and services you’d need to make a purchasing decision. But, after its acquisition by SpinMedia, the site shut down.


PureVolume is a website that enables listeners to create and follow profiles and tracks for various artists. It is a site where fans can also download music and watch exclusive sessions.

For a while, PureVolume was the name of the game for musicians looking to promote themselves. With its free download option, many bands were able to reach new fans. In addition, it also served as an A&R tool for record labels. The company was eventually acquired by SpinMedia, which sold it to Hive Media in 2016. This is not to say that the company is in any hurry to go the way of the dinosaurs. After all, it was created as a response to the file sharing craze that began to plague the industry.

Acquisition by SpinMedia

One of the most exciting acquisitions to hit the music industry in recent years is the PureVolume acquisition by SpinMedia. The website was a pioneer of independently operated music websites. It was launched in 2003 and was designed to help indie labels discover new bands and find ways to promote them. With the site, artists could upload files for free download, create profiles, and interact with fans. This service allowed them to reach a wider audience and helped bands like Gym Class Heroes and Paramore get their break.

In the past two months, Buzzmedia has acquired two other music-related sites: XLR8R and Brooklyn Vegan. These sites provide fans with information about music, music events, and photography. They will also expand Spin’s digital distribution. And the McEvoy Group has purchased an iPad application to add to its portfolio.

Sold to Hive Media

The popular music discovery website PureVolume sold to Hive Media last year. The site is designed to promote new music and give fans a way to interact with musicians. It also contains photos and updates to its user base.

PureVolume was launched in 2003. At the time, it was considered to be the world’s largest music social network. By offering bands the chance to offer free downloads, it was able to reach a larger audience. As a result, it helped bring Paramore, Gym Class Heroes and many others to the limelight.

PureVolume was acquired by SpinMedia in 2010. Although PureVolume had been part of SpinMedia since 2010, it was sold to the newly formed Hive Media Group last year.

Hive is a digital publishing company. It has offices in San Diego, New York and Tel Aviv. It has over 60 employees. Some of its properties include BuzzNet, Hooch and Postfun.

Site’s content

The PureVolume website is a popular music site that allows you to listen to and upload music, create profiles, and follow your favorite artists. In fact, PureVolume has been credited with helping the rise of bands like Gym Class Heroes, Paramore, and Woods of Ypres.

After launching in 2003, PureVolume quickly grew into a popular A&R tool for record labels looking to sign up new rock bands. PureVolume’s founders included Brett Woitunski, Mitchell Pavao, and Nate Hudson. They published editorial content and also worked to help indie artists promote their music. This helped the website become one of the most popular social music sites in the country.

In 2010, PureVolume was purchased by Spinmedia, a company that previously owned Buzznet and VIBE. In addition, Spinmedia owned XLR8R and Stereogum. In 2016, Spinmedia sold PureVolume to Hive Media.

Closing date

Purevolume was a music website that was designed to be a one stop shop for new bands, as well as for labels looking to find new rock acts. They did this by allowing artists to upload their songs for free. In return, PureVolume would promote the songs for free, and give the artists an opportunity to interact with their fans. This was all done to increase the exposure of the bands.

Aside from the ability to upload songs for free, PureVolume also offered a number of other features to its users. These included a website that allowed users to create and customize their own music profiles. Depending on the user’s preferences, this could contain basic information, photos, and music for streaming. The profile also had a feature where users could share their favorite songs with others.

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