Can I negotiate a lower child support payment since my ex got a promotion?

Many co-parents, even those who have a generally amicable and stable relationship, find the topic of child support to be emotionally charged. Both parents may feel that the other is not pulling their weight, and this can sour the co-parenting relationship. You can feel resentful if your ex-spouse has obtained a promotion but hasn’t increased financial support for your child. Discuss your case with lawyers at The Harris Firm, LLC.

What Should You Do If Your Child Support Order Isn’t Helping You?

The specifics of a child support order are always tailored to the specifics of the case at hand. Therefore, it is unrealistic to assume that a single child support order will be adequate for all of your children until they reach the age of majority. You shouldn’t feel bad about doing what you have to in order to provide for your kids, even if it means getting a child support order changed.

Modifications Are Commonly Required

Alabama law allows for a number of different scenarios in which child support could be changed. In some cases, a modification in payments may be requested if there has been a material change in the client’s financial situation. In the event of a significant change in circumstances, such as a job loss or pay drop, one parent may petition the court to review the child support order and make appropriate adjustments.

As a result of receiving a significantly decreased income share, they may see a shift in the level of support they receive. However, this does not apply if your income level has changed voluntarily. The court will not take into consideration the fact that a parent purposefully accepted a lower-paying position or left the workforce in order to reduce child support obligations.

Another valid cause to request a change is a significant increase in one parent’s income. In this case, the parent’s portion of the child’s overall support obligation would grow.

How Do We Define Money Earned?

There is often confusion about what counts as income when one parent has a high income. While the pay of a CEO or other high-ranking executive may be substantial, it is typically not their primary source of revenue.

Bonuses, stocks, commissions, pensions, and other workplace-related compensation may account for the vast bulk of their earnings. Some parents falsely assume they can avoid paying the whole amount of child support by instead only contributing a portion of their income.

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