Do You Have to Work in Big Law Offices to Rake in Tons of Cash?

It is a myth that attorneys need to work in big law offices to make tons of money. In reality, the opposite is true. Whether or not you work for a big firm is entirely dependent on your skills and desire. The more experience you have, the better. However, if you are interested in working in a large law firm, it is advisable to start your research before you sign on the dotted line.

Large law firms are notoriously difficult places to start a career as a young attorney. The rules are often complex and easily turned against you. Even in large firms, you can quickly be labeled as a “less than stellar” associate. You may end up isolated in a law firm and not have any chance to progress. If you want to work in a big firm, you should be exceptional at your job.

While big law firms are known for being high-stress workplaces, they are not necessarily the best place for lawyers to make a killing. According to a recent study by Thomson Reuters, attorneys spend 40% of their time on non-legal tasks, such as billing, admin, and research. Outsourcing these tasks will save you valuable time and help you increase your profits.

In addition to a high salary, biglaw firms often offer benefits. Relocation expenses are often covered by some firms, and some offer perks like gyms, childcare facilities, and dinner allowances for long hours. However, many people are attracted to the glamour and wealth of Biglaw firms and recruiters are working hard to bring the best and brightest law students to those firms.

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