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Facebook Marketplace: How to Sell on Facebook in 2022

Are you looking for ways to sell online? Do you find it challenging to sell using online marketplaces? Don’t worry! We have got you covered! You don’t need to try new platforms for selling products online. If you are an avid Facebook user, then Facebook Marketplace is the right platform for you. In this article, we will provide all the details about selling on Facebook in 2022.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Launched in 2016, Facebook Marketplace is a platform that enables businesses and individuals to sell their items on Facebook. Since it makes use of the popular social media network Facebook, sellers can share their product list with a wide range of audiences by posting on the news feed, groups,filmefy  comments, inbox, and even other online platforms. In addition, it allows shoppers to find their desired products by filtering out items based on category, prices, and location.

Selling Products on Facebook Marketplace 101

Here are the steps to sell items on Facebook Marketplace:

Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

Before you start making your product listing, make sure that you create a separate Facebook page for business-related activities. This is because you can’t create a Facebook shop from a personal account. So, your Facebook Business page will help navigate more customers to your posts, enabling a wide range of opportunities to sell your products. In addition, it allows businesses to make use of advertising tools to target their audience and entice them into buying their products.

Use Commerce Manager

To gain maximum benefits through Facebook Shops, you should consider signing up for Commerce Manager. It will help you set up a Facebook Shop and utilize other eCommerce platforms to sell your products.

Once you have logged into the Commerce Manager, you will find the option to ‘Get Started’ under the heading ‘Get Started with Shop.’ Click on it and it will lead you to the next step. It will display three different methods for checkout for your customers once they will add products to their cart. So, add your bank details and other information related to taxes to your allow customers to make payments online. You can also skip this option if you want a simple Facebook Shop page. Next, you need to set up your online store by entering all the relevant details of your

Create a Collection of Your Products

While adding your products to the Facebook Marketplace, it is best to put similar products as a collection. If you have signed up for Facebook’s Commerce Manager, then log into your account and click ‘Create Collection.’ Next, group your products under a collection name, which can be 20 characters long. If you want, you can also add emojis to the collection name. Then, write an interesting description of 200 characters to describe the type of products you are selling within a collection. Add a finishing touch to your product collection by uploading a cover photo and product images for each item. Make sure these images do not exceed 1080 x 810 pixels and have a ratio of 4:3. thedocweb

Add Information to Your Facebook Page Sections

With a Facebook business page, it is crucial to update it with all the information related to your online store. The About section should include a link to your website, contact number, address, hours, and other business details for your customers’ ease. Next, encourage your new customers to write positive product reviews under the Reviews tab. This will help potential customers trust your page and entice them into buying your products. Also, make sure you add photos of your products and keep your page updated by posting regularly.

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Other Ways to Sell Products on Facebook

Check out some of the other ways to sell products on Facebook:

Facebook Groups

On Facebook, you will find plenty of buy and sell groups to sell your products locally. But first, you need to check if the group has the buy and sell feature enabled so you can post your item listing without any hassle.

Your Facebook Newsfeed

You don’t necessarily need to create a marketplace every time you wish to sell a product on Facebook. If you want to save time, add posts to your Facebook newsfeed. Write engaging content to provide product descriptions and other details to your audience on Facebook, including prices, material, location, and payment method.

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Wrapping Up

Selling products online has become easier than ever before! You don’t need to have a physical office or a warehouse to run your business operations. You can even sell products as an individual, without owning a licensed company. Head over to Facebook Marketplace and follow our tips listed above to sell items on Facebook.

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