How Can Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps Be Removed Without A Tool?

You likely belong to the people who spend most of their working day at a keyboard if you’re a writer, educator, or professional. At the keyboard, we work a lot. As a result, we frequently use dirty hands to utilize the keyboard (or fingers). In light of this, a periodic thorough cleaning may be necessary.

Why Do You Need To Remove Your Keyboard Keycaps?

The keyboard cover should be taken off before cleaning it. Learn how to remove the keyboard keys by removing the keyboard cover to show dirt and debris. The keyboard cover, which may develop on the buttons, should be removable since this would be beneficial. You can remove pollutants when it’s finished using tools like compressed air.

One effective way to make the keyboard seem better is to clean the keys. This procedure will work more quickly and effectively if you have shiny keyboards. This method is one of the greatest ways to clean the mechanical keyboard for a better experience after removing it.

How to Remove Keycaps Without Tool

One of today’s most popular keyboard types is the membrane keyboard. As a rubber dome keyboard, it also goes by that name. The rubber dome controls how the keyboard reacts to keystrokes. It is best suited for consumers on a budget, one of the main characteristics that make it a wonderful pick.

The membrane keyboard’s keycaps must be removed in order to clean it. Prepare the following objects before learning how to remove a keyboard cover without using any tools.

  1. Your membrane keyboard
  2. A cup
  3. bacterial removal
  4. Paper clip or a credit card

Using a screwdriver and a keycap puller is a professional method of removing the keycap. Next, we’ll examine the use of no-tool keyboard key removal. We shall thus utilize home objects in the manner they were designed to be used.

The keypad cover for membrane keypads must be removed with a screwdriver. Phillips’s screwdrivers are suggested for this. The screws on the keyboard’s back should be taken out if not. A membrane keyboard’s keycaps are permanently attached. Therefore, a little instrument like a screwdriver or a common household item like a spoon will be required to remove the keys from a membrane keyboard!

Take the following actions:

  1. Start by flipping the keyboard over.
  2. The screws on the keyboard’s back may be removed with a screwdriver.
  3. Two keys on your keyboard ought should activate. If not, you can take a credit card or other similar wedge and use it to push it aside. Unfortunately, the two components have most likely split apart, according to a cracking sound.
  4. Take away the two pieces. Its base can be removed. Because the keyboard need not be removed.
  5. Take care not to touch or otherwise interact with the bottom. Important circuits that are susceptible to damage are present.
  6. Snapping a photo of the keypad or preserving a photo reference before removing the keypad cover is advised. Then, when cleaning is complete, you shouldn’t need to know where the buttons are.
  7. Use a paper clip or credit card to remove each keyboard piece individually. To avoid injuring the component or underbelly, avoid using too much pressure. With minimal power, it should readily come off.

After entirely removing the keyboard cover, dust and filth are readily available. Use the keyboard’s standard cleaning techniques to clean it.

How to Remove Keycaps Without Tool – Mechanical Keyboard?

If you want the greatest gaming keyboard available or want to get more out of your keyboarding, you need this keyboard. Keys are located beneath each key on their keyboards. As you type, you push the numbers, letters, and symbols on the mechanical keyboard keys.

A shaft that is located underneath the keycaps descends when they are depressed. The cover, which secures everything, is the next component. Finally, a spring switch on the circuit board is activated by keystrokes to control a particular circuit and record them. The finest gaming keyboards are mechanical, as they provide many benefits.

Your mechanical keyboard’s keycaps should ideally be removed with a key puller. even if some keyboards include keycap pullers. Nevertheless, the sales bundle could only contain some models.

To remove keycaps on a mechanical keyboard without using tools, we will utilize wedges made from paper clips, credit cards, or other similar objects.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to take the keyboard out without using any tools.

  1. Transfer the keyboard to a spot on your desk that is clean and dry before removing the key cover.
  2. To take out the keyboard, use a bent paperclip or credit card.
  3. If you have any extra parts from an old computer case, you may use them to make home keys, knives, or PV outlets. Again, it would be best to exert equal upward pressure on both sides of the switch.
  4. Firmly but evenly pull back the button cover. Keep the button cover from bending in any way.
  5. You must take the sub-switch out of the sub-switch before removing the button cover.
  6. Special care is needed when handling long or large keys due to the greater potential for support harm while being removed.

Extra caution might be necessary to avoid damage if your keyboard incorporates LEDs. First, the power should be disconnected and then connected.

Removing keycaps on mechanical keyboards is less complicated and easier than on membrane keyboards. One of its finest features is the lack of the necessity to open the keyboard as with a membrane keyboard. To remove the keycaps, there is no need to open the keyboard or contact the circuit board.

The possibility to remove certain key combinations from mechanical keyboards is another benefit. For example, if you have a sticky button that needs repairing but don’t need to remove all the keycaps, try this method since it works.


You should be able to remove the keyboard cover without using any tools, even if manually cleaning the keyboard is one of the most crucial practices. Even utilizing the equipment, it’s important to note that with such a lesson, learning will be simpler. But adhering to the correct procedures is essential for a successful keycap removal. Therefore, before removing the keycaps and cleaning the keyboard, ensure you completely comprehend this guide.

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