How To Identify and Trace the Presence of Termites At Home?

Termites pose major threats to your home. They can damage everything relating to wood like wooden furniture, wooden ceiling, and wooden frames. Termites love wood and they can prey on anything manufactured with wood. They breed fast and create their nests in the shape of tunnels or mounds.

It’s not easy to get termites removed or exterminated from your home. You can call Rove Pest Control for help. However, you need to stay watchful about the movement of termites on your property. Here are some simple tips to identify the presence of termites in your home:

Search for Thin Muddy Tunnels

Termites are expert home builders. They create tubes in different places around your home. Muddy tubes or tunnels are their favorite breeding place. At the initial stage, you may not be able to notice these tubes. Only when the tube is long, it will catch your eyes. Termites can make tubes in your door, windows, and even inside the furniture.

Look for Termite Colonies Inside Your Home

Termites create their colonies in no time. You can find them in your drawing room, living room, dining space, kitchen, and bathroom. Check the corners of doors and windows also while inspecting the presence of termites in your home.

Wooden Dust In Your Home

Termites love eating wood. In the process of gnawing the wood, some dust particles of wood fall on the ground. If you find dust on the floor, it means termites have already invaded your home. You need to contact a pest control expert for immediate help.  

Creeping of Termites on Wooden Goods

You should be cautious of the presence of termites in your home even if you find a single one of them moving in photo frames or on the windows. Only in rare cases, you may see the appearance of termites. If you find even a single termite, you need to professionally exterminate them by a local pest control service provider.

Windows And Doors Closed for Long

If a wooden window or door is kept closed for a long period during your absence, you need to inspect more. By now, the termites have surely created their colonies. You can find the trace of termites on the front or back side of the door or windows.


The presence of termites means extensive damage to your wooden furniture and fittings. They can also chew paper, books, and various other wooded structures. Termites can make the inside of a thick wooden frame hollow and weaken its structure. Once termites go inside your wooden structure, they can do irreparable damage to your property.

From the outside, you may not understand it. But after a few months, you can see how the interior of the wood has turned hollow because of the termite infestation. You need to take extra care to identify the presence of termites near you. Call a professional pest control expert who can go ahead and destruct the colony of termites using the latest chemical solutions.

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