Involving Social Media For Customer Service?

If you’re considering incorporating social media for customer service into your business, it’s essential to understand the expectations of your customers. Social media users expect clear answers and quick responses, so make sure you have them covered. In addition, make sure you thank them for their time. This is especially important in industries such as banking, where regulations around online communication are extremely strict. If you don’t respond to customer comments or feedback on social media, you risk increasing dissatisfaction. In one study, 88% of respondents said that they’d be less likely to buy from a brand that didn’t respond to their complaints.

As with email, chat, and phone support, personalization is essential. In social media, especially, personalization helps build brand awareness. Companies can share educational content, such as how-to videos and blog posts about best practices. They can also post updates on known service issues. The educational resources can help reduce support requests. In addition, social customer support channels can include pinned posts and Instagram stories highlights. Ultimately, the best way to implement these strategies is to involve your entire workforce.

Involving social media in customer service requires you to go above and beyond. While most people think of customer service as a one-way ticket, brands need to go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd. Consider a case where a Starbucks employee responded to a customer needing a Pink Drink. This brand demonstrates empathy by praising the client for his or her support in their morning routine.

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