Is it time to consider in-home support?

Life is never the same, and due to an illness, an ill-fated accident, or age, you (or a loved one) may find yourself grappling with many things at once. Staying in a hospital may not be the most feasible and economical choice, and in many cases, it is not even necessary for patients. If you are in Norristown, there are Personal Health Care services that you can consider for in-home support. What are the signs that you should consider the option for yourself or a loved one? We have a few pointers below. 

  1. You are injured and need to recover. If you have suffered an injury or have been prone to frequently falling due to age, it is a clear indicator that you should seek support. While your family members may have the best intentions, they may not have the bandwidth to care for you regularly. Professional help is all you will need at this point. 
  2. You have a chronic health condition. If you are dealing with a chronic health condition that is only likely to get worse with time, you need in-home support from a professional aide. Such diseases/conditions include cancer, AIDs, Alzheimer’s, heart ailments, and Parkinson’s. Even when some of the symptoms or concerns are temporary, you need professional help. 
  3. You are struggling with the activities of daily living. Also known as ADLs, activities of daily living are the chores and tasks that one must keep up with to enjoy a normal life. From basic things like bathing, oral hygiene, and grooming to cooking, cleaning, and arranging meals, these activities are essential to every person. If you have been struggling with these chores for a while, consider seeking help. 

Finding in-home support

There are many agencies that offer in-home support for patients and seniors in need. Ensure you choose a popular service that’s reliable and do not shy away from asking relevant questions about their caregivers. Home health aides may need to do much more than activities of daily living, such as administering medications on time and keeping up with the diet chart, and you need someone qualified for the job. The cost of in-home support depends largely on the number of hours a caregiver or home health aide spends in your home, and you can discuss the aspects that need more attention. You can also consider in-home support as a form of respite care for your primary caregivers. 

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