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Unleash your inner  designer: creative ways to use laminates in your kitchen

The kitchen is the most important area of your home. Here you make food for your family and share it. This place stands for your love and daily culinary adventures. But a boring kitchen might leave you feeling drained and exhausted. On the contrary, a well designed place will make the area a cheerful one and increase the functionality as well.

If you have undertaken the massive task of decorating your cooking space, we suggest going for kitchen laminates.

Some Creative Ideas

Laminates are synthetic surface solutions which can completely change the exterior of your kitchen. If you are feeling particularly creative, experiment with various styles, colours, finishes  and textures of laminates. Here are some of our ideas.

  1. Monochrome Magic
  2. Pleasing Pastels
  3. Contrast Rocks
  4. Digital design laminates
  5. Glamorous Gloss

Monochrome Magic

Laminate colours are a great place to start your experiment with. Monochrome is the new colour combination that rocked the interior design industry. The black and white combo can bring a unique appearance to your kitchen. It will enhance the minimalist and immaculate look of your kitchen. You can choose high gloss laminates for this purpose. Not only monochrome will look great in gloss finish but it will be easy to maintain as well.

Pleasing Pastels

Pastel shades laminates are another great idea for your kitchen space. They create an air soothing comfort which makes them perfectly suitable for the kitchen. The light shades will help you stay more relaxed and stress-free throughout the day. You can go for  high pressure laminates with matte finish.

You can use laminates for any part of your kitchen. From wall panels to kitchen counters to table tops-any place can be laminated.

Contrast Rocks

If you want your kitchen space to have a splash of bright vibrant energy, go for coloured laminates. Choose happy colours like deep pink, violet , yellow, green and brown. You can use these coloured laminates for your kitchen wall panels, or use them as laminate sheets, on the outer layer of your kitchen furniture and even on the kitchen walls. Laminates can significantly change the look of your kitchen if you use them on the wall. Choose high pressure decorative laminates for this purpose. They are suitable for areas on which you place the heavy objects.

Digital Laminates

If you want a customised design for your kitchen, digital laminates can help you achieve that. You can choose any design, image or quotes or sceneries and have them printed out digitally on your laminates.

This will truly help you create a unique appearance for your kitchen. The high resolution laminate designs will shine brightly in your kitchen. These laminates are affordable and highly durable, making them a great choice for the long run.

Glamorous Gloss

The most loved laminates regarding the kitchen decoration are the high gloss Laminates. High gloss Laminates  smooth surfaces and are super easy to maintain. A good quality gloss finish would have light reflecting properties. This will make the space look much bigger. In addition, gloss finish laminates are equipped with features like thumb-impression free and antibacterial properties. These traits make them the best laminates for kitchen dstvportal.

Before designing

When you are decorating your kitchen, remember that your need for aesthetics should not compromise the functionality of your kitchen. It should be a place that has many conveniences and makes your work easy. At the same time, you should always hire professionals to take care of the installation. Finally, have a clear conversation with your dealer or manufacturer about everything you need to know before using the laminates.

Why Royale Touche ?

Royale Touche is one of the most trusted brands in India. They have earned their place by consistently providing high quality products which are both affordable and luxurious. If you go through the Royale Touche laminate catalogue, you will find a huge range of laminates, shining gloriously. With a keen sense of style and knowledge on the interior decoration industry, we have something for every home.


Kitchen is the area where we spend a lot of time. It is essential for this spicecinemas place to look great. Style up your kitchen with these laminate ideas and have fun exploring your creative side.

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