What Is Client Care?

What is client care? The answer varies by industry. But basically, client care is any type of service provided to customers after they have purchased something from you. In many industries, customer service is crucial to their success. In fact, it’s so important that it’s even referred to as a value chain. The goal of well-performed customer service is to increase revenue. Regardless of the industry, a strong customer care program is an important part of the value chain.

A client care program offers a customer value-added after-sales service, such as access to future services at a set rate over a specific period of time. An estate planning practice might offer such a service, which allows its clients to continue receiving estate planning advice and making changes to their estate planning documents. Clients who subscribe to a client care program are rewarded with ongoing access to their attorney and access to additional services over time.

Another important part of client care is the need to communicate. Clients are likely to have questions and concerns about your services or products. They also need to feel as if you are working on their behalf. That’s why you should always be able to answer their questions or provide them with updates about your work. In many cases, poor customer service is caused by poor communication, so always make sure you’re on the same page with your clients.

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